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Mail Preparation Services

CPI Mail Preparation Services are usually used in conjunction with our Laser Printing Services, and provide additional paper handling capabilities along with our expertise in USPS sortation and mailing requirements.

  • Input can be direct from you, or from our own Laser Printing Services.
  • Folding of documents for insertion into envelopes. We can fold a single mail piece, or nest fold a multi-page mailing, the number of pages nested can even vary within each envelope in the mailing.
  • Insertion of documents into envelopes. Inserting is usually one laser printed piece containing variable data and the mailing address, plus up to 5 static inserts, such as brochures.
  • Insertion of very thick mail pieces, such as coupon books.
  • CPI has its own permit number, which we can use to pay postage on your behalf if you do not have a permit of your own.
  • Mail sent without a permit imprint (aka indicia) can be metered with the insertion phase.
  • All USPS packaging, traying, sacking, labeling, and reporting requirements are met.