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About Us

Check Processors Inc., known as CPI, was formed in 1986 and since that time has been providing remittance processing “AKA” Lockbox services for Banks, utility companies, various cities, counties, property management companies, medical billing,  as well as providing services for the State of California.  On July 1st 2011 AFTS of Seattle, Washington purchased Check Processors Inc. of California, also known as CPI.

AFTS was created in 1971 to provide pre-authorized drafts (paper checks) to help insurance and mortgage companies collect their payments "automatically". 

The business has expanded over the decades by adding services related to accounts receivable processing.  Today, we assist our clients with invoice or statement printing and mailing, coupon book manufacturing, direct mail or other non-remittance communication documents.  Lockbox services were added to help our customers process their check payments, and this service has expanded to support web-payment or phone-payment services. 

AFTS processes about 100 million addresses per week using our CASS/NCOA services.  We support many billing customers throughout the West, and produce and mail about 10 million complex mail-merge type billing documents annually.

Our current technology is up-to-date.  We have backup and redundancy built into the services and tools we use to support our clients.

Today CPI and AFTS has over 60 years combined experience in providing payment processing solutions to over one million payments and over 100 customers.